Local Government and Regulation


For all but one year of Govett Quilliam's 130 year existence, we have provided legal services to local authorities. The experience we have gained has given GQ a unique and specialised knowledge of local government law.

Our knowledge of and concern for the many issues which face local government is permanently etched upon the culture of Govett Quilliam.

We have an in-depth understanding of the Local Government Acts 1974 and 2002 and related legislation. We also have a thorough understanding of other key statutes which local authorities administer and perform under, including the Resource Management Act 1991; Building Act 2004; Public Works Act 1981; Dog Control Act; and the Reserves Act 1977.

Our experience also enables us to provide informed and sound advice about local government processes to clients wishing to become involved in local government, for instance by making a submission on local policies.

Our experience includes advising on:

  • Charitable Trusts
  • Road closures and other roading matters
  • Local Alcohol Policies
  • Class 4 Gambling and TAB Venues Policies
  • Bylaws – drafting, interpreting and reviewing
  • Development Contributions Policies
  • The establishment and sale of Local Authority Trading Enterprises
  • Special consultative procedures;
  • Enforcement powers under the Local Government Acts and Bylaws
  • Reserves under the Reserves Act 1977

Local Government and Regulation Team

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