Life at GQ

Life at GQ


We don't mean to boast, but working at GQ is pretty exceptional.

We're the number one firm in the region, we work with industry leaders and great businesses and we have an incredibly motivated, supportive, diverse and experienced team.

Oh, and GQ operates from quite possibly the best little corner of the world, with snow, sea, gardens, beaches, parks, restaurants, art galleries and superb coffee on almost every street corner. There is so much to love about Taranaki.

We believe that delivering a superior service starts with an excellent team culture. So, here are some of the ways we prioritise making GQ the best place to practise law you could possibly imagine:

  • We promote a healthy work / life balance that maximises fulfilment in your career and enviable experiences in our unbeatable environment;
  • We are committed to helping our team continuously improve through training and exposure to high quality and varied work;
  • We collaborate across departments and projects and leverage the skills and experience of each other; and
  • We actively seek opportunities for our people to shine

Our Core Values - What we Live by!

Embody Excellence

We strive to deliver the best advice, service and experience.

We embrace excellence in everything that we do. 

Relationships First

Community connection, care and contribution.

We value and nurture authentic relationships.

Build Trust

We are trustworthy, honest and passionate.

We are real people who are committed to acting always in our client's best interests.

Live and Work Well

Empowerment, enjoyment and engagement.

We encourage and empower each other to make the most of opportunities and enjoy the experience. 

Champion Innovation

Progressive and professional.

We are forward thinking and future focused.

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